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Swiss Dolorclast Method at
Corrimal Family Chiropractic Centre

Pain in elbowCorrimal Family Chiropractic Centre is pleased to announce the addition of the Swiss Dolorclast method for pain relief to our clinic.

This new therapy uses single acoustic pressure waves to treat musculoskeletal disorders such as:

  • painful heel
  • tennis elbow
  • trigger points
  • tendon attachment disorders
  • acute and chronic pain in the low back, shoulder and neck
  • shortening and thickening of muscle tissue

Gentle and Effective

The treatment is fast, gentle and effective. Your practitioner locates the pain through palpation or ultra sound and then gives one to three applications with the Swiss hand-held unit at short intervals – just a few minutes each.

Cell Regeneration and Healing

These high energy acoustic shock waves to the skin activate your body’s self healing process. The improved blood circulation and formation of new blood vessels nurtures and accelerates the body’s cell regeneration and healing.


The Swiss Dolorclast method is a non-invasive alternative to surgery, steroidal injections and oral medication.


Swiss Dolorclast Wollongong NSW | (02) 4284 8009